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Micro Needling Pimple Patches


Prevent spots and blemishes before they appear with Pimple Reversa Microneedle patches.

Our patented patches contain ultra-fine needles that penetrate the skin to deliver active ingredients right where they are needed, purifying and protecting your skin from damage and scarring — quickly and painless. Experience visible results after a single use from just two hours! 

Each serum-infused, ultra-fine needle is formed from crystallized salicylic acid, totarol, and green tea extract which penetrate the outer skin layer. They then dissolve in the dermal layers to purify from within, prevent bacteria from forming, reduce inflammation, moisturise, soothe and repair your skin.

Simply apply patches directly at the first sign of a breakout and leave on overnight (or for at least two hours) to purify and reduce zits, spots and pimples at the source. Ideal for all skin types and effective even on deep, cystic, subcutaneous pimples.

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